We are committed to equip our local churches with effective tools and resources to assist them in their disciple-making mission.  We recognize that the local church is the primary mission center for the work of the Church at large.  It is in vital, healthy, and growing congregations of all sizes that people will come to know, love and follow Jesus in ways that will see our world transformed.

District Vitality Team – led by Rev. Jennifer Parks-Snyder. The District Vitality Team, consisting of laypersons and pastors from around the district, will be trained and sent to work with congregations in a variety of ways.  This team is made up of laypersons and clergy who are fired up for Jesus, and are willing to use their gifts to help congregations move forward in ministry.

From leading workshops to coaching pastors and congregations, the team will help more and more churches reach their disciple-making potential.  Among the areas of vitality on which the team will focus, team members will be trained to lead churches in finding new places for new people, visioning, strategic ministry planning, Small Church Check-Up, simplified accountable structure, hospitality and connections.

If your church would benefit from working with the District Vitality Team, please contact the Team Leader or District Superintendent to make those connections.

If you are a pastor or layperson who would be willing to be trained as part of the District Vitality Team, please contact the District Superintendent with your interest.

Equipping Vital CongregationsMrs. Kay Kotan, Director of Equipping Vital Congregations on the Annual Conference level, works to help plant new faith communities, revitalize existing congregations. EVC offers consultations for churches of any size, coaching and training opportunities for leaders, and district/conference-wide events for assisting churches to make new disciples of Jesus.

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