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We are committed to training and deploying spiritual transformational leaders, both laypersons and clergy.

Lay Servant Ministries Team –  The predecessor movements behind the United Methodist Church relied on strong lay leadership in order to “spread scriptural holiness throughout the land” in partnership with pastors, so that the gospel would transform both lives and communities.  Our desire is to reclaim the strength of that lay leadership in order to unleash a new generation of women and men of every age to fulfill their call as part of the priesthood of all believers.

The Lay Servant Ministries Team helps grow laity to serve in their local church and beyond by offering training and support for Certified Lay Servants, Certified Lay Speakers and Certified Lay Minister Candidates.  The team, consisting of pastors and laypersons passionate about unleashing a lay leadership renewal in our midst, works to provide offerings required for certification and/or recertification in those various ministries.

We currently offer Equipping God’s People, Modules 1 and 2 at two different sites in the district each year, as well as in-person courses on preaching and worship, requirements for those seeking to become Certified Lay Speakers, or Certified Lay Ministers.  In addition, our website, linked below, offers up to date information about all of our on-site, as well as online opportunities for laity to grow in their faith and leadership.

Lay Servant Ministries Website

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District Committee on Ordained Ministry – chaired by Rev. David Dearing , Rev Michael Swimley serves as Secretary, and Pastor Joan Dodson as our Registrar.  The District Committee on Ministry works to help women and men discern their call to ministry, whether through certification as Certified Lay Minister, licensing as Local Pastor, or ordination as Deacon or Elder.

The Committee, including laypersons, ordained elders, associate members and local pastors who have completed Course of Study, usually meets once in the Spring and over several days in the Fall.  Those meetings allow the DCOM to meet with new candidates, those seeking certification or licensing, and those already serving as Licensed Local Pastors within the district.  Through those gatherings, we seek to encourage, challenge and grow those who are answering particular callings on their lives through licensed or ordained ministry.

The DCOM serves as an extension of the work of the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry.  The website, linked below, helps guides candidates, mentors and congregations through processes, offers resources for continuing formation, scholarship opportunities, and contains critical contact information for those pursuing a call.

Susquehanna Conference Board of Ordained Ministry Website